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The World of Magickal Herbs

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The World of Magickal Herbs

Herbal Magick has been around forever and is a huge part of my own magickal practice. It's a topic that can be so fascinating it becomes addictive, I'll be honest, if only because there are just so many ways to use herbs, plants, flowers, and resins.

  • Are you new to it ALL and looking for someone to take you through some basics to get you started?
  • Are you keen to add herbs and resins into a fledgling or established practice?

In THE WORLD OF MAGICKAL HERBS course, I'm going to introduce you to 8 amazing flowers and herbs, plus 2 resins. I'll show you what their magickal properties are, what energies they connect with, and how they can be used in spellwork, incense, herbal teas, and more.

Working with nature in this way is easy, accessible, affordable, and of course, magickal! It connects us with Mother Nature in ways you may never have imagined being able to do before.

If you've been looking for something to add flavour to your current practice or get started on the right footing with a sound understanding of herbs and resins, I can help.

You'll learn the correspondences for 10 herbs, flowers & resins, to:

  • deities
  • elements
  • astrology
  • the planets

and the types of magick that they are useful for.

PLUS, there are two additional videos that will help you to get started with your herbal work, including a quick guide to the ways you can use your herbs for things like

  • spells
  • incenses
  • teas
  • and more!

The World of Magickal Herbs is designed so that you can learn about each herb/resin one at a time, at your own pace, with each herb/flower having its own short video of 5 -10 mins, AND with reference sheets that can be downloaded for future reference.

All this for just £25.00

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