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A Magickal Guide to Essential Oils

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A Magickal Guide to Essential Oils

Many of us use essential oils for fragrancing the home , to help us relax during a massage or for nurturing the skin in the bath. These are all fabulous ways to tap into the power that resides within nature's gifts, of course. 

The power of essential oils can also add another dimension to your magickal practices. Whether you're creating blends to raise your vibration, bring protection, abundance, and relaxation, or to connect more deeply with spirit guides, essential oils can enrich your spiritual and magickal practice more than you thought possible.

In this workshops we'll:

  • Look at the different types of oils that can be used magickally and how to create your own infused oils;
  • Introduce you to the dilutions required for a variety of magickal preparations;
  • Gain confidence in the safe handling of essential oils;
  • Explore 6 different magickal oil blends for intentions such as cleansing, banishing, and divination, to get you started.
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